Entry #9 - Thesis statement

Thesis statement is the single or specific claim that supports your essay. A good thesis statement includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning. A thesis statement has three main parts: The subject: It´s the topic of your essay. Narrow your topic or subject. The precise opinion: It’s the opinion on the subject or topic of your essay. (Researching can help you to form your opinion if you aren't aware enough about the topic. Remember that it should be arguable). The blueprint of reasoning: Reasons or evidence to back up you opinion (You support your opinion by researching evidence. Al least, select 3 reasons/evidence.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: -YOUTUBE, "How to write an A+ thesis statement" in Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HePQWodWiQ

Entry #8

Fighting for equality
George Montague, who is 94, is the oldest man in life to have been imprisoned account of his sexuality. This tragic event would have been unimaginable even twenty years ago. Nowadays, gay people can get married but the struggle for gay acceptance in society continues. In Britain, for homosexuals, equality and reality seems just a dream. They are still questioned by some parts of the society, including the church and the judicial system, if homosexuality is the product of nature or nurture.Meanwhile, prosecuted gays participate actively in parades and protests to fight for their rights. Recent statistics point out  gay men who are six times more susceptible to suicide, their anguish unsaid..Overtime, violence has increased against homosexuals men, who from early ages face bullying. Another disappointing rate that gay men suffer form is earning between 10 and 32% less than their heterosexual colleagues. For men, it is difficult to survive in an aggressive society tha…

Entry #7


In paragraph by listing, the writer list items of supporting material. Also, the writer should bear in mind the structure to avoid distraction from the reader. The focus is on the four functions:

Paragraph introducer: sentences establish the topic focus of the paragraph.The paragraph developer present examples or details to support ideas.Modulators: sentences that provide a smooth transition between diferent set of ideas.Terminators: These conclude ideas. This listing paragraph makes a list of weaponry and tools. The topic sentence states the apparatus that the hunter needs for hunting. Each item is separated by commas. The transition sentence (modulator) expresses how the hunter performs the weaponry and tools, they are necessary to carry out his job. Finally, the terminator sentence concludes with a brief comment about what is previously mentioned and may be, adding extra information.

Entry #6

1) Parts of a paragraph - English Academic writing Introduction

Topic sentence:  It answers the "what". The writer states the main topic in an interesting way fo the reader. The writer should avoid including details in the topic sentence as they are developed in the body. Also, the topic sentence provides the reader with an impressive opinion.Body: It contains the supporting details or arguments for the topic sentence. Details may be ordered in two ways: for argumentative essays, the details are listed in order of importance so the writer should bear in mind how strong are the arguments. Secondly, the chronology refers to the ordering of the events. It involves the description of each event in a specific order.Closing sentence: It has two functions: firstly, it should remind the readers what they are reading about, stating the topic sentence. Secondly, the closing sentence keeps the audience thinking about the topic using the same ideas from the topic sentence but expressed i…

Entry # 5


Entry # 4

Assessment. Yule, G (2016). The Study of Language. Chapters 10 & 11 href="Cargando...</iframe

Entry # 3

BRIEF SUMMARY Words are not just words, they are immensely powerful.Linguist J. L. Austin explanins how words act dividing them into two groups: constative and performative . Constative is the performative does, it describes true or false information and we are able to confirm this. When the information is incorrect, we talk about false constative. Performative denotes action, it does something. It acts upon the word and convey a message. Some words deserve action so we refer to speech act. It occurs when words are actions and include ordering, promising, apologising, warning, sentencing, chirstening and marrying. Succesful performatives depend on felicity conditions . They rule a performative that may be unacted. Performatives should be properly authoritative, understood, clear and able to be executed. Then, a disregarded performative may result in another performative to respect its meaning.